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What are Amazon Search ads?

Unlike traditional Paid Search, Amazon Search ads are specific to Amazon as an ecommerce platform.

How do Amazon Search ads work?

Amazon Search ads work by promoting your brand or your product/s (or a mix of both), tailoring your ad campaigns according to your objective. Amazon also offers the free option of an Amazon-specific ‘storefront’, customisable to your brand.

Amazon Search ads are offered in a range of formats; Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands (both cost per click), Sponsored Display (cost per click or cost-per-thousand viewable impression, aka vCPM), Audio Ads (measured by impressions as well as start, complete, etc.) and Video Ads (measured by impressions, reach, views, etc).

To advertise on Amazon, you must be a registered seller or vendor (book, Kindle and app publishers must also register) to access and advertise across the Amazon platform.

With an in-depth understanding of the customer and the way they shop, Amazon harnesses a powerful attribution product to optimise your campaigns for success.

How to get started with Amazon Search Ads

As the world’s leading ecommerce website, Amazon regularly receives over 2 billion hits a month – it’s no surprise that 50% of consumers who are looking for a specific product will start their journey here.

A leading destination for shoppers, Amazon offers the best of both worlds for businesses globally; driving awareness for your brand and a positive return on investment. Amazon has deep market penetration, unrivalled product offering and competitive pricing – making it a prime destination for brands and businesses around the world.

At Starlight-Digital, we’re one of the UK’s leading Amazon Ad specialists, with experience working for some of Amazon’s biggest advertisers. We’re on hand to support you in getting the right creative assets, messaging and audiences needed to capture a piece of this rapidly growing Amazon platform.

We understand that consumer behaviour differs on Amazon compared to traditional search engines such as Google. Consumers are driven primarily by two things – positive reviews and competitive price points. And they will shop around relentlessly until they get the best combination of the two across the product that best suits their needs.

We’ll work with you to ensure your Amazon marketing strategy gives you the cutting edge over your competitors. Identifying the budget and assets needed to promote your brand, we’ll work with you to dominate the relevant product landscapes, beat your competitors and cross-sell additional products to further boost your return on investment.

Contact us today to start driving increased sales and a high return on ad spend with Amazon Search Ads.

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