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Increase your installs, engagement and in-app actions with App Advertising.

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What is App Advertising?

Unlike advertising within an app, App Advertising is a form of digital marketing that promotes your App across a variety of mediums and verticals; for example, across search engines and social media (primarily the Meta suite of platforms), Google display network, the Google Play store and iOS App store.

How does App Advertising work?

App Advertising works by utilising a variety of different paid digital marketing activities, from Universal App Campaigns which place paid ads across all Google platforms, including the Google display network (GDN), to Paid Social Advertising (primarily Meta).

The priority for App Advertisers is usually achieving app installs, with secondary goals in lead generation and conversion or purchase. App Advertising also encompasses the optimisation and refinement of in-app actions, from engagement to conversion.

App adverts can appear in a multitude of formats, from static images to interactive and video ads. Paired with App Store Optimisation (ASO), App Advertising gets your app up front and centre in the mind and eye of your target consumer.

By analysing current app performance (both within app stores and the app itself), a successful App Advertising strategy will take into account your landscape, competitors and target audience. In doing so, the correct paid advertising campaigns can be utilised and optimised to power your performance like never before.

How to get started with App Advertising

Do you have an app? Do you want more installs and in-app actions, such as purchases or lead form sign-ups?

Let’s accelerate your app performance. Starlight-Digital specialises in delivering first-in-class App advertising campaigns in order to grow active app users and any in-app action you choose.

We work with Google to create the best possible Universal App Campaigns (these serve across all Google placements, such as the Google Play Store, Google Search, websites opted into Google’s display network and YouTube).

We also work directly with Apple to create Apple Search Ad campaigns. This enables you to appear above your competitors within the Apple app store; ensuring your app appears first when someone is searching for your brand, or any other relevant keyword within the app store.

Increase your installs, engagement and in-app actions using Apple Search Ads (ASA) and Google App Campaigns.

Work with a Google Premier Partner.

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