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At Starlight-Digital, we specialise in B2B advertising via the likes of Linkedin Ads, PPC, Meta and more! We pride ourselves on driving a significant volume of high-quality leads at cost-efficient CPLs for our clients.

We have a thorough and intelligent B2B Ads strategy, proven to generate results, driving users through the marketing funnel, from awareness to conversion using a variety of strategies. 

Via platforms such as Google Ads, we can tap into your perfect audience by targeting businesses searching Google for terms related to your product or service. By using social platforms such as Linkedin Ads, this then enables us to target both wider audiences within a multitude of different sectors, and relevant individuals based on their job titles within specific industries. This can help to ensure high ad relevance and high conversion rates for B2B advertising.

Our approach is simple, jargon free and designed to drive real, genuine results, and real, genuine high-quality leads.

First, we’d need to understand your business. Who are your ideal clients and audiences? What are the key messages we want to convey in our ads? What countries, towns and cities do you want to target? And so on. 

Once we have built an understanding and a profile of your business, your audience and your key messages, we will be able to start creating keywords to target via PPC, audience segments to target via social channels, and ad copy messaging aligned with those users.

By pairing the right audiences with the right ad copy, we will see strong click through rates and strong conversion rates. Our job is to get the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time.

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