Google Updates – June 2024

by | Jun 3, 2024

Google loves to keep us on our toes… here’s a quick overview of some interesting updates:

Performance Max Updates

Generative AI has arrived within Google Ads, helping to enhance and improve Performance Max campaigns. Not only is it possible to generate headlines and descriptions for your ads, but now you can create images too using Google’s built-in Generative AI tools.

Google claim that PMax campaigns with an ‘Excellent’ ad strength tend to achieve 6% higher conversions, so they’re doing what they can to help advertisers improve their ad strength through AI.

And with this newly added image tool, Google is also allowing advertisers to upload their own Brand Guidelines to help the AI provide images that are a fit for the brand.

Brand guidelines will exist at a campaign level and can be changed whenever necessary.

As a best practice tip – we’d always suggest using unique headlines, descriptions and images that have been tailored made for your campaign. However, if you’re an advertiser that doesn’t have the resources in-house or via your agency to create bespoke copy and imagery, then Google’s Generative AI can be a good solution. As a Google Premier Partner, at Starlight-Digital we’re fortunate to have the resources within the agency to create ad copy and imagery fit for purpose without relying on AI.

Demand Generation

Demand Generation launched in 2023 and we now have early signs of it helping to increase overall marketing efforts.

Demand Generation can reach up to 3 billion users every month by capturing engagement and action across the likes of YouTube, Discover and Gmail.

Demand Gen is perfect for advertisers already running social campaigns across Meta/TikTok/Pinterest etc., as they make use of visually appealing, multi-format ads across Google’s most impactful visual channels.

What’s more, with YouTube now being twice as likely to be used for researching brands and products (I know I use it for one!), than any other social platform, Demand Gen can be a powerful brand awareness and brand immersion tool.

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