Triple digit growth for a leading UK publication, not once but twice

by | Feb 27, 2023

Driving sales growth and efficiencies via PPC and Social Media Ads

For one of the UKs leading publications, we took on the PPC and Social Media Ads back in January 2022. The goal was to deliver the most subscriptions we could within set targets.

We started our work by auditing their existing Google Ads campaigns, highlighting areas that needed urgent attention. Previously the campaigns had been managed by an in-house team, as a cost saving measure.

After a thorough account audit, we worked step by step:

  1. We tidied up all their existing campaign settings.
  2. We restructured their campaigns, splitting them by theme, and created new keywords across these themes.
  3. We utilised the latest best practices to restructure match types.
  4. We rebuilt their bid strategies.
  5. We reviewed underperforming keywords and search terms to save costs.
  6. We restructured their negative keywords.
  7. We increased their brand impression share.
  8. And we rewrote all their ad copy, with best practices in mind. And what happened next? Impressions and clicks declined. You would think this was a bad outcome, when actually, it was far from it. We stopped their campaigns from serving against totally irrelevant search terms. We saved them a huge amount on wasted spend. This was money that could be then be used on the attracting the highest quality traffic. The data is proof enough:
    • Subscriptions increased by 131%
    • CPA decreased by 42%
    • CVR increased by 160%

    After a few great months, the client pivoted their business in June 2022 concentrating on the digital copy of the publication. They decided to invite other agencies to pitch, which ultimately saw them move to a different agency, based primarily on cost (they were cheaper than us).

    However, this didn’t last long, and, due to very poor results, by late August they were back in touch, asking us to take on their paid media campaigns once again.

    We then set about reversing the damage, and were able to significantly increase subscriptions and massively lower costs via both PPC and Social Media.

    Following another audit and another restructure:

    • Clicks increased by 77%
    • Their CPC declined by 55% – saving over £1.30 per click!
    • Overall costs declined by 20%
    • Subscriptions increased by 117%

    And the biggest evidence of our work was the CPA declining by a huge 63%  making every subscription a whopping £33 cheaper for the client.

    The client has since instructed us to manage all their B2B paid media campaigns, as well as their ongoing B2C campaigns. In this current financial climate, with ever increasing costs, isn’t it time to make sure your marketing budget is spent as efficiently as possible?


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